A little bit (but not really) like Eat, Pray, Love

3 thoughts on “A little bit (but not really) like Eat, Pray, Love”

  1. Julia,
    Have a wonderful time in your new home! I wrote about ‘finding balance’ last week and your post reminded me of how much more balanced my life was when we were in China. The pace back in Canada is nothing short of ridiculous! There was a simplicity to China (living abroad) that is hard to explain. Eating and the culture around accessing cheap & delicious food was a big part of that. I know that there are things that happened there that were frustrating beyond belief, I also know things like the unbeatable heat coupled with failing electricity complicated your life in Pakistan… But yet I’m pretty sure you understand the simplicity that I talk about. Reading your post makes me want to pack my bags and head away for another adventure. Oh the places you’ll go… I think the ‘love’ piece you talk about has already been found, and the name of your next destination really could have started with any letter. 🙂

  2. Really liked this post, Julia! I’m also quite fond of travel; your experiences sound amazing. You write really well – anyone who can make me hungry with words is definitely doing something right! You’ve earned yourself a new follower. Keep up the great work and I hope your travels are both safe and enjoyable (with plenty to Eat, Pray and Love about!). 🙂

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