Sex and Love in Pakistan.

6 thoughts on “Sex and Love in Pakistan.”

      1. the barriers are society tradition involvement of police law maker (for whom there is no law i mean politicians) as Aristotle law is web of spider in which weak bird stuck while the stronger one rupture his way out, there are so many barrier so if you want more let me know i can point out

  1. I completely agree with your perspective. Having been brought up in a conservative Indian society and now as I travel the world, I am increasingly questioning myself on why some of my country’s men behave the way they do. Keeping sex a taboo and oppressing healthy sexual relationships is definitely not helping!

  2. Julia, You are looking beautiful in your white dupatta.
    I am not happy to read that Pakistani has the highest number of porn watchers in the world. I mean more than 50% Pakistani do not know how to use internet so how could this be possible. I am sure that your this statistics is wrong and I seriously want to have a discussion with you on this if possible please email me at I myself is a digital marketing manager in software house in Lahore and it’s pleasure reading the prescriptive of Canadian girl about Pakistan. Thank you

    1. Thank you for your response!And thank you for pointing out an error. I wrote “Pakistan has the highest number of online porn watchers in the world”, which as you pointed out can’t be true because of the number of Pakistani’s in rural areas that don’t have computers or access to the internet. This statistic is per internet user. So for how many internet users there are, compared to the number of online porn being watched and streamed, it’s very high. If I can find where I sourced that information from (it was awhile ago now), I will attach it for you. 🙂

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